Norulak Screen Printing--T-Shirts, Imprinted Sportswear; Serigraphs, Custom and Contract Printing  


Norulak Screen Printing
1007 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Email: norulak at juno dot com

Owner:Tom Norulak

We are a custom and contract screen printing facility specializing in manual printing of advertising specialties, garments, limited editions for artists, museum exhibits and trade shows, advertising and industrial signage, plastics, glass, products for manufacturing, and irregular and unusual objects.

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Contract Printing. Contract printing of wearables  and other items for our advertising specialty trade accounts for more than half of our business. We have one 6-color press and three  4-color manual presses, and can print up to 4 colors on nylon jackets, as well as 4-color process printing on T-shirts. We are also experienced in imprinting umbrellas, uniforms (including names and numbers), binders, clocks, calculators, and just about any item used for premiums and promotions.

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Fine Arts Serigraphs

Limited Editions. We have been printing limited editions serigraphs for artists and publishers for over seven years. We have collaborated with Pittsburgh artist Jim Nelson, and have printed a number of editions of American folk artist Howard Finster's work. Many of the editions we print have at least ten colors and are printed on archival paper.

Unusual Printing Assignments. Perhaps the most unusual but interesting type of printing we do on a regular basis is to create exact reproduction replacement glass for antique jukeboxes. Our art department is often called upon to recreate long extinct typefaces and designs. These glass pieces are printed with transparent inks, as they are usually backlit. We have also screenprinted on many items previously considered unprintable such as boxing gloves.

We Welcome Your Comments. If you have any questions or comments, or need a quote, or are looking for a good screen printing company to handle your unique requirements, please feel free to call us at 412-247-2772 or email us at norulak at juno dot com us. Thanks for visiting.

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